About us

pro action learning is an international partnership of independent entrepreneurs working on organizational development, personal and career development, offering consultancy and learning programmes with practices for enlivening organizations.

Besides the people you see here, we work with a network of leading practitioners so we can serve any organization in their path to clarifying their purpose and strategies, product and service design, organizational design, structures and process and their overall organizational development plans.

For your talent and recruitment process, we hold all rights on the StoryMatcher process and software applications. Our consulting and design teams support your own reinvention of staff retainment, culture building and measurement and helps you align your organisation from within to master your strategies and fully supporting your next stage business.

Our address is:

pro action learning Ltd.
Birkenweg 6
FL-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Rainer von Leoprechting comes from Germany and now lives at the Obenaus community farm in Austria.

Rainer grew up in Trier/Mosel, Germany. Inspired by Jean Monnet’s practice he was active within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many different functions in management and strategy, he founded the in-house consulting service which he lead until January 2012. In these years he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. Rainer is one of the inventors of the pro action café that has become one of the core processes widely shared within the Art of Hosting community. Rainer’s interventions combine many methods, like the full palette of Art of Hosting practices, Systemic Constellation Work, Action Learning, or process consultation à la Ed Schein and Peter Block.

Together with his wife Lena he moved to Ehrenhausen in Austria in 2012 and started the Obenaus Community a place where people reconnect with their inner and outside nature. There they live in a community setting. In 2012 Rainer re-founded pro action learning to become a team of associates focussing on practices to enliven organizations. Rainer has invented the Storymatcher (TM) approach and technology to match people with their desired future in life and work.

Rainer contributes as founder, consultant, and content giver for offers such as the Action Learning facilitation training. Rainer speaks German, French, and English. Contact Rainer at rainer@pro-action.eu


Markus Heil was born in Munich, Germany and lives and works in Balsthal, Switzerland.

Markus got his academic training in Berkeley, California (M.A.) Munich, Germany (Diplom) and Vienna, Austria (Dr. theol). In earlier years, he did extensive youth work and was engaged in development aid. All his life he is active in getting people engaged in shaping society and getting involved. His organizational focus is on Church-reform where he currently serves as chairman to the Swiss Parrish Initiative. This is a network of Catholic Ministers, priests and lay to update the work of the catholic church into today’s contexts. He is also a trainer for contemplation-teachers in the Lasalle School of Contemplation Via Integralis. At the same time, he is interested in supporting today’s creative people by networking in the area of spirituality. Markus’ main profession is to work in several rural parishes as deacon and minister.

In pro action learning, Markus’ focus is on making Action Learning, pro action cafe, The Circle Way and other Art of Hosting practices used more widely in the churches. He also holds different other roles in Pro Action Learning. Contact Markus at markus@pro-action.eu.



Vihra DinchevaVihra Dincheva is a Visiting Partner at pro action learning. She lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Vihra grew up in Bulgaria and her eagerness for exploring the world and new possibilities brought her to Germany, where she studied International Business and Management. After her Bachelor she worked 6 years in Frankfurt as a management consultant in the field of financial market infrastructure and impact investments. Together with some friends she co-founded the “Thinking and Acting” NGO in Frankfurt, which focuses on making small steps towards a better world. Her interest in Sustainability lead her in 2014 to apply for the Master’s in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability in Sweden. She joined pro action learning because of her passion for facilitation and willingness to further spread practices for enlivening organisations and individuals.

Vihra works as Developer and Online Moderator with pro action learning and its partners.Vihra is the organiser and the coach of a regular Action Learning Community of Practice online. If you want to join an online session you can register here.  She speaks Bulgarian, English, German, Russian and Spanish (basic). Contact Vihra at vihra@pro-action.eu


Lena Maria Jacobsson is a natural host. She has used her skills ever since she started working in the hospitality sector during her secondary school years in Sweden. After school she traveled the world and worked in various countries: the US, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and now Austria.

She worked for 15 years at the European Commission in Brussels. She  studied Social and Organisati­o­nal Psychology. As in-house consultant at the European Commission she focused on management and leadership development to enhance organisational and personal effectiveness, and wellbeing. Shortly after participating in a Peer Spirit Circle training with Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin and an Art of Hosting training she co-pioneered these practices including process consulting in the overall European Commission organisation.

In 2012 she co-founded Obenaus community farm where we explore how to live in a healthy way, in a sustainable way, with nature, while being connected to ourselves and the world. Circle and Art of Hosting practice is the operating system of Obenaus where Open space comes natural and sitting in circle is a daily practice. Here we gather, live and learn with the local and  global community, while many circles are held on-line. Next to bio farming, Lena continues to host systemic constellation work with Rainer and contributes with different hosting teams to spread the practices of Art of Hosting.