By joining this programme you can expect to get inspiration and guidance, find clarity, choose your next steps, and connect with people who are moving on to more meaning at work.

If these questions speak to you…

How can I focus on the work I really want to do? How can I access inspiration and support in what I do and how I do it?
Or, seeking for new ways of working and organising, how can this quest inform my next professional steps? What are helpful questions leading me to more fulfillment at work?

…then this programme could be for you!

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Have more questions? Just contact Vihra at and we will arrange a short online call to help you sense if this programme is for you.

The first two groups of the online programme My Meaningful Work met between April and June 2016. In total 9 participants joined and shared this journey. In testimonials you can learn more about their experience. After a summer break it is time for the next group to start on Monday, 19th of September.

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MMW registration is open

Six reasons why you should join this programme

  • UNIQUE PATH – you will work with your individual questions to find your own unique next steps.
  • PEER LEARNING – you are not alone on your journey, tap into the collective intelligence of diverse people asking themselves similar questions
  • EXPERIENTIAL METHOD – we as a peer group experience from each other what the actual issue is and how we can work on it
  • HOLISTIC APPROACH  – over two months you will be supported by a series of live online sessions, offline practices and exercises, and the opportunity to join the post-programme alumni network
  • INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE – you will discover a new highly interactive approach of using live online spaces
  • NO TRAVELLING – no need to invest time and money in travelling, join online from wherever you are

This programme is NOT for you if

… you only need to know how to write a CV or how to perform in standard job selections
… you already know everything that you want (unless you are ready to question all of that)

Key facts

# Online programme

# Small groups (5 to 7 people)

# 8 live online sessions over 2-3 months

# Offline practices and exercises

# Alumni group

# Price per participant – 575EUR

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Save your placeTestimonials

About the approach

Our approach is to support you in discovering the deeper purpose in the work you are pursuing over a lifetime and to get clarity on what could be your next elegant steps on this journey.  We pursue a practical and experiential method where the life gives the case. In a small peer group we are exploring with our questions what life teaches us. We experience from each other what the actual issue is and how we can work on it. We are not suggesting either that you should change jobs, nor that you should not change jobs. The approach is completely open to what could be the outcome. We support you finding your own unique next steps.

Live online sessions

To support you on your journey we will first use story based career building, which enables you to share and re-listen to the narrative you are living. The method we use is as simple and as powerful as stories, and a tailored process hold by an experienced facilitator. In this process you will become more clear about your motivation and overarching values you are striving for.

In the following Action Learning sessions we will use the power of questions to take apart and get more clarity on anything that is of use, or an obstacle to living your full vocation. Each participant will bring their personal case into a dedicated session. Supported by the peer group and our experienced facilitators, you will gain new insights, strategies and concrete actionable steps.

Working in between the live online sessions

In between the live online sessions, we will offer reflection practices and exercises. You can do them individually or together with other members of the group.

After the programme

Building on the experience from the programme we invite you to joining our alumni community with further peer learning opportunities and development support.

Interactive online experience

It is NOT a webinar or a pre-recorded session, we meet real time to interact!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 19.07.23

We offer a highly interactive online experience, which has the following aspects:

# VIRTUAL MEETING ROOM – we use a software which enables us to meet real time and interact with each other.

# LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS – we all meet at the same time and in the same online space.

# ONLINE FACILITATION – two live facilitators are with you in each session.

# SMALL GROUPS – the group size is limited to 5 to 7 people in order to offer a highly interactive experience, where every voice can be heard.

Booking a place

The programme fee is € 575,- (630CHF or 630 US$)*. 

To save your place follow this link!

The programme is limited to 5 to 7 people per group. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are secured by transferring the full participation fee. We will confirm whether the course will go ahead as soon as we are able, in any case no later than two weeks before the start date.

If you want to organise this programme in-house in your company or to a special group, please send us an email so we can offer the best conditions for your project.

Contact person for the programme is Vihra Dincheva –

* Place of online delivery is Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In accordance with Swiss and Liechtenstein legislation, our online trainings are exempt from VAT.

Times and commitment

Each programme consists of 8 live online sessions. However, depending on the final group size the online sessions might be between 7 and 9. 

Time: 18:30 – 20:30 CET

Dates Monday group: 19.09 / 26.09 / 3.10 / 10.10 / 17.10 / 7.11 / 14.11 / 21.11

If you cannot join the Monday group and would prefer another day or time just contact Vihra at and we will see what we can do for you.

Here you can save your place

If you have any questions just get in contact with us.   


Prior the start of the course we run a short pre-course briefing session to ensure everyone is comfortable with the online meeting software. A stable internet connection is needed with aminimum of 5 Mbps line connection speed. If you can hold Skype calls well, this is an indication that your internet will be stable enough. It is also important that the video and audio functionality on your device is working.

Cancellation and refunds

If you cannot attend you can introduce another full-paying participant who will join instead of you. We’ll refund all fees paid.
If you cancel up to 3 weeks prior to the first programme session we will deduct a cancellation fee of 50€ and refund you all remaining fees paid. For later cancellations the fee is due in full, unless you can introduce another participant.

If after the first two live online sessions you see that the programme is not delivering on our promise, we grant you a 100% money-back guarantee, all fees will be refunded.

pro action learning reserves the right to change the programme faculty or in exceptional circumstances, to cancel a programme at any time without liability. In such circumstances, participants will be offered alternative dates or a full refund.

About the programme faculty

constellation-(37-of-40)Rainer von Leoprechting grew up in Trier/Mosel, Germany. Inspired by Jean Monnet’s leadership practice he worked within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many different functions in management and strategy, he built the Commission’s in-house consulting service which he lead until January 2012. In these years he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. Rainer was trained as a career coach in 2000 and practiced in the EU Commission with over 100 individual clients/year as part of his work as an in-house consultant and change agent. He has followed the education of Otto Laske’s Interdevelopmental Institute (US), and translated his book on developmental coaching into German. He has instructed and mentored many coaches and invented fresh forms of recruiting and job finding. 


Vihra Dincheva

Vihra Dincheva grew up in Bulgaria and then moved to Germany to study International Business and Management. After her studies she worked 6 years in Frankfurt as a management consultant. Her interest in sustainability lead her to the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, which she graduated in 2015. Now she is working as a designer and moderator of online trainings where she inspires others to find and manifest meaningful life and work. Contact Vihra at


Naomi Raja BoeanNaomi Raja Boean is fascinated by next-stage organisation practices and sustainability. After completing her Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability she joined pro-action learning ltd to support hosting and moderating (online) engagements for enlivening practices. She loves to energize and engage meaningful conversations and introducing the “Buurtzorg” concept for Health Care in Germany, which is her current home base. Contact Naomi at