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Action Learning Facilitation Training

Action Learning Facilitation Online

A special problem and solution finding process with little working groups of 4-8 participants. People are invited to focus on questions and assumptions, not just exchanging solutions and opinions. This peer-learning process, in total just 90 minutes, is held by several people taking different roles in the circle. Read more about Action Learning…

Join our next course!  We are also offering a programme that takes participants through a learning experience with all the skills and the inner attitude necessary to facilitate Action Learning Sessions themselves. Further information you will also find here.


Professional Development Programme Online

If you are searching for clarity on the next steps in your professional development then this programme is for you. It offers you space to look deeper into your professional story, work through your questions with proven practices that support you on your journey. The programme is limited to 5 to 7 people per group, who will form a peer group. Distinguished facilitators will guide you in 8 online sessions, enabling you to go deeper into your story and questions for meaning at work, tap into your own and collective wisdom and find personal clarity and inspiration.`
Starting April 2016 we are offering two groups. For the full programme description and registration click here.

Follow this link for more details about the programme, dates and the registration form.





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