We are open to include new partners in our team.

Perhaps this is you?


pro action learning ltd is an international network of active practitioners in self-managing and -organizing companies and other next-stage organizations. We consult and practically support other next-stage companies, leaders in transition and boards. We organize the Next-Stage.World Gathering that happens twice a year in Rhodes, Greece, offer online learning opportunities, develop and share enlivening practices and market the rights of the StoryMatcher invention for self-managed recruiting and developmental online matching.


… have entrepreneurial energy, act independently for creating and finding sense and meaning for people at work. You trust the capacity of other adults to lead their own ways and life. You are happy to co-ordinate your efforts with others in open forms of collaboration and role-based work organization, where every one is their own boss, yet give each other orientation and advice. You have experience in working on your own accounts and at your own risk.

Specifically, we look for people interested in these roles:

Geschäftsführer(in) für Beratung und Seminare in Selbst-Organisation

Online Shop Betreiber(in)