Learn Action Learning as a Coach / Facilitator


Learn Action Learning (AL) as a powerful career step. Adapt it to the communities you love and want to serve. Help them and help yourself to move forward – one powerful question at a time!

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If you’ve been exploring Action Learning you know that it offers a simple and profound way to move individuals forward, especially within the communities they naturally inhabit.

We’ve put together a simple, way for you to learn Action Learning, an affordable way that will pay for itself within a short period of time as a member of the Action Learning community. This training is for people that want to learn Action Learning and offer it as a coach or facilitator.


How it Works

There are 3 modules which build on each other and include both online and in-person elements.

Module 1: Laying Foundations

This module is a comprehensive introduction to action learning where you will leave with confidence to facilitate action learning sets. You will meet a group of peers who will support you in your practice and vice versa.

Module 2: Practice and Reflection 

In these weekly group calls, you will reflect on practice sessions you will have done in your own organisation or community in order to deepen your learning. There will also be opportunity to practice facilitating online action learning sets, as well as receive mentoring from experienced action learning coaches.

Module 3: Achieving Mastery

On successful completion of this module, you will be certified as a pro action learning coach.  You will receive personal feedback and learning suggestions to achieve mastery in facilitating action learning.

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The whole program is priced £1,650. Modules can be taken on their own for £700 each, or two modules for £1,200.

After certification, pro action learning welcomes you in the coaching pool and offers you to practice your AL coaching in the context of the growing AL community in English or German. For each session you host as a coach, we’ll offer you a fee of 100,00 €. Thus, after 16.5 sessions hosting in the community after certification, you’ll have earned the full tuition back and possess a priceless developmental practice.

Your first step

Your first step is to contact us. Be part of the next cohort to learn Action Learning. We’re ready when you are.


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