How do we grow wise(r) over a lifetime? Development in adult age as a spiral move between the poles of Me and Others.
And what does this imply for leadership?

Find here a 30 Minutes presentation and conversation about the model of “social-emotional” development à la @Robert Kegan and @Otto Laske (Measuring Hidden Dimensions).

Rainer v. Leoprechting presents the journey to wisdom that we take as adults. Our orientation oscillates between the “Me” and the “We” through stages of development. Rainer offers illustrations from everyday life and professional contexts. The recording is from a leadership seminar in Brussels from summer 2011.
The social-emotional dimension of development presented here was formulated by Robert Kegan and refined by Otto Laske. Rainer translated Otto Laske’s coaching and consulting classic “Measuring hidden dimensions” into German. You can meet both Otto Laske and Rainer online in teleclasses, as in some conferences and workshops.

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