How do we work?

We work face-to-face and in online workshops/programmes where we focus on practices for enlivening organizations. We accompany you in all of the following steps, or focus on accomplishing just one of them:

  • Clarifying the quest
  • Building a coalition for change
  • Realizing the change at a very small scale as a prototype
  • Reinforcing the momentum and invite more players into their own prototyping

What is Action Learning?

A quite lengthy introduction into ACTION LEARNING by Michael Marquardt yet worthwhile looking at.

What is learning? Defining this for us at pro action learning we are inspired by the following underlying principles of ‘action learning’:

1. Learning includes the stance of not knowing

  • We become open to learning when we admit that we don’t know
  • In situations where there are no right answers, our expertise is all about learning, and not so much about knowing
  • Where there are no right answers, you can only act and experiment to learn

2. People who take responsibility in a situation have the best chance of taking actions which will make a difference   

  • Work out what really matters to you, what it is you really want to do
  • Make choices and take actions and then learn from this.
  • Keep it alive and moving

3. Learning involves both programmed knowledge (what can be taught or read) and insights from questioning

  • Learning is about asking useful questions in conditions of uncertainty
  • Learning includes trying out unfamiliar ideas
  • Learning involves risk of taking actions, even if they might not work

4. Learning should be greater than the rate of change

  • An organisation which continues to express only the ideas of the past is not learning
  • Training programmes that teach us keep us proficient in yesterday’s techniques. They do not tell us what to do when we meet a new opportunity.

5. All of those beliefs are open to be questioned