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Systemic Constellations

What if we are at least potentially connected to all that there is in the universe?
What if we can use our bodies and its senses to actually connect to a few specific things out there? And what can we learn and experience about our quests in life if we do see them coming together with the help of a group that represents what is relevant through their body sensations?
This is systemic constellation work. 
Systemic Constellation Certification Programme.
Meet the Constellation Community

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Art of Hosting

“The Art of Hosting is an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges.” We have adapted the practices to meet the needs of business and organizations to work well and keep up with constant learning and developing.

We offer Gatherings and Trainings n 2018 from Obenaus, Austria and Berlin, Germany.

Meet the general Art of Hosting Community

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Development of individuals, organizations, and systems

  • How humans grow over a lifetime.
  • How consultants, parents, bosses or coaches relate to this.
  • How a career is (or could be) a life-journey towards wisdom.
  • How we can coach careers.
  • How organisations could be built in a requisite way, so that development occurs as an intended side-effect of our work relationships.
  • How we can see organizational dysfunctions in the light of developmental (im)possibilities.
  • How we could use this in our practice with organizations, managers, and individuals.
  • How our own development is intertwined with our professional practice.


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New formats – developed with you if needed

We found that though many formats and processes of group intelligence and deliberation exist, some special circumstances might not just need adaptation but completely new designs. We are capable and experienced to combine our formats as much as develop new variations and even new processes if the need presents itself.

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