Questions are more important than answers!

Questions that our clients have asked us are:

Board members:

  • How do I bring my engagement into the board room?
  • I am not just a Yes-man/Yes-woman!
  • How do I make my voice heard effectively?
  • How can I influence the culture of conversation in the board room?
  • How can the board truly consult the sustainability of the company/organization?
  • What is a good way to find, hire and reward the leaders for our company?”

CEO’s and other senior managers:

  • How do I keep the horizon stretched into the future beyond 5, 15, 50 years?
  • When operating our merger, how do I blend the different cooperate culture into precisely that culture, that we need for the future?
  • How do I raise profits by reducing our pure administration not sacrificing essential qualities?
  • How can we as a company provide services and benefits that are truly needed and useful?
  • How do I stay connected with my idealism and engagement day by day?”

Leading Learning and Development Directors:

  • Which staff qualities do we really need for the future?
  • How can I engage my senior management and board in a meaningful conversation around this question?
  • Where and how do I find proactive consultants and coaches for my most important projects?
  • How do I ensure that my interventions are “state of the art” in accompanying innovation?
  • How do I ensure good learning for myself and others?
  • How do I keep asking good questions, including questioning myself?

Independent consultants and coaches

  • I want to be with other consultants and coaches in a nurturing and respectful community despite the need to compete in the market place!
  • How do I ensure that my interventions are “state of the art” in accompanying innovation?
  • How can I certify being an artist of consulting?
  • How do I ensure my portfolio of projects and occupations fulfils and nourishes me each day?

Community leaders who take initiatives for social transformation …

  • How do I find and connect with partners?
  • How do my ideas, initiatives and projects converge into a sustainable movement and organisation?
  • How can my normal workday be nourishing and fulfilling? How do I mobilise resources and funds?