What our participants say after joining our programmes online:



“It works online. It is crucial to watch the process to make the most out of it for the case owner.” – Host, blogger, core team member at Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership Brussels, coach living in Brussels

“This diversity of people is very interesting to have. To have the opportunity to be listend and to share your thoughts in a free safe space. You are being yourself and you are being listened. I think this is ver important” – Country – Project Coordenator – South America at GOInternational Finland, living in Finland

“I also really value the rhythm of seeing each other every week which gives me energy to be in this journey of inquiry and also to not feel alone but feel connected to all your journeys as well. This makes it lighter, more fun as I can take myself too serious if I only sit with myself. So that’s helpful. Yes, for me it’s the community aspect in a combination with how it is hosted!” – 29 year old entrepreneur from Holland

“The value for me is that I have a fixed day in the week wehre I make consciously time to explore what meaningful work is for me and how concrete next steps could like. But it’s not only the time aspect, but also this focused group that is thinking along with me! I leave the group sessions usually quite energized and that already for several times which shows me, that exploring meaningful work can also be fund and feel light.” – 26 year old entrepreneur living in Germany 

“For me the greatest value is probably that the sessions make me think about the questions that I usually, in my everyday life, wouldn’t think about. In every session there is a different question from somebody else and I didn’t know most of the people before, so this contact with people that I didn’t know, with their world and questions that are moving them, brings me to reflect and think about some new things. This is in general the value to anyone to get out of the known framework you are moving all the time and get some free air and some fresh thoughts…” – 30 year old financial analyst living in Germany

Action Learning

“It was good to be here and I feel energized, I appreciate to be here with different people and different views and see what results this can have, this is a richness which makes one of the key elements of this process” – 35 year old woman from Brussels, Belgium

“ Thank you for all of your input and I need to find a clearer path how to do it and it was really nice to hear all your good wishes and comments on the subject. “ 29 year old woman from Lubliana, Slovenia

“Interesting and challenging questions are being raised that inspire to listen more deeply within” – Organizational evolution accelerator, Canada

“I feel the diversity of the aspects, the wisdom inside our group and that the issue presenter gained more clarity for the meeting” – 50 year old male civil servant living in Germany

   pro action café

“Eager to copy cat some of the techniques I saw here in my own group work tomorrow” – 28 year old researcher from Italy