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What is Action Learning?

Action learning is a process that involves working on real challenges, using the diverse knowledge and skills of a small group of people combined with skilled questioning, to produce fresh ideas


Questions come before answers

Counseling style: even if the participants can see a solution with great clarity they will continue listening, quite often allowing silence and asking questions to clarify both the presenter’s understanding and their own. 

Frequent Outcomes

Tangible results your team can count on:

# Doable, realistic and purposeful actions that can be implemented immediately                

# Strategies and actions align throughout the team                                

# Shared clarity on anything that is of use or is an obstacle to move further with the issue presented

Impact on the team culture:

# Implicit or explicit assumptions are more often addressed and even questioned

# All team members know more about each other and their work         

# All team members ask more questions

# Team works well in a spirit of continuous improvement and learning

# Team is self-empowered towards more creativity and experimentation at work



Presenter: The presenter brings the issue to the group

Participants: Listen actively and attentively and ask questions that encourage the whole circle to understand the problem more clearly

Facilitator/Coach: Holds the process, invites for observing a quality learning experience and focusing on relevant issues

Host (online action learning): Offers a welcoming and workable online room, frames the process and offers support when technical challenges appear

Scribe (optional): Takes notes during the session that are fed back into the learning process


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Action learning can take place in a physical or in an online setting. Details below refer to the online context.

Online sessions: hosted video conference

Duration: between 90 and 120min                                                    

Group size: min. 4 and max. 6 participants (including the presenter and optionally a pizza-man/woman*), plus a facilitator, host and possibly a scribe(s).

*Pizza-man/woman – a person outside the team who brings fresh questions


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What makes a good issue?

A good issue is almost anything that a member wants to work on in order to generate action points. Having said that, action learning works better if the issue is complex – where there is not a clear technical answer. In addition to this, the issue should be something that is:

Work related, affecting the presenter or the team
. At least one person or the team have some level of responsibility or influence
 and there is urgency to act.

Examples of issues we have worked with

Example 1: We are introducing quite an innovative developmental programme, which is difficult for people to grasp. How to bring this to the people who need it? How to let potential participants know about it and benefit from it as well?

Example 2: How can I organize my conference and engage a team to work together towards a shared goal?

Example 3: How do we need to change our ways of working and not work 50 hours per week?

Example 4: How do we deal with our difficult client?

Context in which Action Learning can be applied

Action learning can be applied in diverse contexts. Here are some examples from our practice.


Here we can speak from our own experience. We use action learning on an ad hoc basis in our work, whenever there is an issue and we feel stuck, we call a session. It improves teamwork, common understanding and sense of direction. For organizations we offer action learning for teams in different packages.

Upgrade of the advice process (self management teams)

An action learning set helps team members to reach well-informed decisions.  For self managed teams where people hold roles in which they have authority to make their own decisions based on the advice of other roles. Action learning sessions help to understand the issues deeply, explores different perspectives and open up to new ideas/solutions, leaving with concrete actionable steps for the presenter. Read more about the benefits of Action Learning as an upgrade of the advice process here.

Stakeholder conversations

We facilitate stakeholder conversations, which can be a dedicated Action Learning session, a series of sessions or integrated into a bigger event. Therefore, we invite different stakeholders around an important topic of common interest and a pizza man/woman, who is not a stakeholder, and let the groups co-develop strategies, programmes or concrete products.

Personal development

Both in our live and online practice we work with individuals and organizations focusing on personal development questions. For more information click here.  Please note, we don’t recommend introducing personal issues into the team sessions if this is not the intent fully agreed upon upfront.

Public Action Learning on request

As a client you want to presents and issue to a wider audience of participants. As a participant you want to join to learn and contribute to the topic presented.


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[/one_half] All services are based online, on request they can also be offered on site.

The prices mentioned are an indication for organizations. If  these are out of your budget don’t hesitate to write us. We support start-ups and NGO’s and are open to find a price or exchange that suits your situation. For these request contact Rainer at

For organizations

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Action Learning Series for Teams

We help your team of 4-6 members to explore your presented issues with action learning as a method. Providing an online room, hosting, facilitation and session notes of each set. Your team can focus on several issues and/or self-managed teams can learn about upgrading the format of the advice process.  For inquiries schedule a call with Vihra via   

Pricing for online team sessions as a package:

  • 1 team: 5 action learning sessions for 5000,- €
  • 2 teams: 5 action learning sessions per team for 8,000,- €
  • 3 teams: 5 action learning sessions per team for 11,000,- €


Action Learning Facilitation training for your team

Your team members can learn how to facilitate action learning themselves We offer a practical education and mentoring by our most experienced action learning coaches. You learn how to set up the room online or in house space for action learning and to facilitate sessions. This includes 3 dedicated online sessions on the method and reflection on the practice, plus a further five sessions to experience Action Learning as a coach and conscious participant.

For inquiries schedule a call with Rainer via rainer(a)   


  • 1.200 € per person


Action Learning issue presentation

We help you to organize one or more public action learning sessions on your issue(s). Example of issues are: testing new concepts, on a surge for fresh ideas in the early stage of a project or new input when your project seems not moving far or fast enough. Schedule a call with Vihra via vihra(a)


  • 1 action learning sessions 1000,- euro
  • 2 action learning sessions for 1500,- euro

 For individuals

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Action Learning ad-hoc participation

You want to learn and contribute to the topic presented by one of our clients. Then you can sign-up to the mailing list, when we host ad-hoc action learning sessions online where clients invite other participants you will receive an invitation to join.

Pricing: free participation, donation encouraged

* indicates required