Consulting and Coaching

When things get very complex and no expert can help, when many strands and dimensions need to be considered at the same time. We guide you through your own creative process from early problem sensing into implementation. And by doing so, develop adaptive capacities into your culture. Build a culture that consciously evolves in line with your strategy.


We work with:

  • Corporate boards, leadership teams, project groups
  • Civic movements, political groups, public institutions and organizations
  • Individual leaders in their professional or life quests

Typical themes:

  • Aligning strategic orientation into operations and personnel processes
  • Understand what drives your staff, and your business
  • Aligning your effective corporate culture with your strategy
  • Get the most effective hiring, selection, outplacement processes
  • Innovate in talent management
  • Develop leadership capacity where needed
  • Strategy making: orientation through complexity
  • Community building with staff, clients, suppliers, a network of stakeholders


  • Developmental career coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Professional supervision of consultants and coaches

Board mandates

Invite a pro action learning partner into your board.

Our original tools for innovators

  • Storymatcher / My Meaningful Work: Matching people with their vocation to work
  • Pro action café


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