The Pro Action Café is a space for creative and action oriented conversation where participants are invited to bring their call, project, ideas, questions or whatever they feel called by and need help to manifest in the world.


What is Pro Action Cafe Good For?

As a conversational process, the Pro Action Café is a collective, innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations about calls, questions and projects that matter to the people that attend. These conversations link and build on each other as people move between café tables, cross-pollinate ideas, and offer each other new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their life, work, organisation or community.

As a process, the Pro Action Café can evoke and make visible the collective intelligence of any group, thus increasing people’s capacity for effective action in pursuit of good work. Pro Action Café can be used with a network of people and/or as a methodology for a specific group, organisation or community to engage in creative and inspirational conversation leading to wiser and more collectively informed actions.

It was first conceived by Rainer von Leoprechting and Ria Baeck in Brussels, Belgium.

With Rainer von Leoprechting as a host we are now offering the practice of Pro Action Cafe in an online setting.

General Flow of a Pro Action Cafe

Online meetings naturally have a different character than face-to-face meetings and they can not substitute them equally in all aspects but with a clear intention, with experience and good technology,  online meetings offer a real alternative for people to meet, learn or work together especially in a Pro Action Cafe online.

How to participate in a Pro Action Cafe Online?

You are very welcome to participate in one of our Pro Action Cafes online. We have the intention to offer this event at least once in two month. There is no participation fee, people are invited to donate what feels fair to them in order to support the team in keeping up this practice.

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Our Pro Action Café’s online are based on a gift it forward model. If you valued the experience you can donate an amount that feels right for you. We use the donations to organize more café’s in the future.

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