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Action Learning Facilitation Training

Action Learning Facilitation

A special problem and solution finding process with little working groups of 4-8 participants. People are invited to focus on questions and assumptions, not just exchanging solutions and opinions. This peer-learning process, in total just 90 minutes, is held by several people taking different roles in the circle. Read more about Action Learning…

Join our next course!  We are offering a programme that takes participants through a learning experience with all the skills and the inner attitude necessary to facilitate Action Learning Sessions themselves. You find further information here.

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We share a bundle of practice with you that, if in use in your organisation, will bring people together to learn from and with each other.

Learning this is a journey of developing capacity in yourself and your teams or colleagues. We design small or larger programmes together with you that fit the situations and issues at the workplace.

You can meet us for a taste of this in public workshops, mainly in Europe.




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